Emerge | Discover the professional and community leader inside you.

As an emerging leader, you know you have something to contribute: a point of view and passion for the community. You want to make an impact in the issues you care about—but how and where do you start?

The Emerge program will help you identify and enhance your leadership skills. Your Emerge classmates will be young professionals from across the community, and these relationships will strengthen and increase your network and circle of influence.

Take the time to commit to learning more about your personal leadership style for greater success.

From Our Alumni

Emerge is not just a typical networking club. The experience will change your perspective on leadership, team dynamics, and the identification of others’ talents. Nothing is the same after you learn their techniques for making your team and yourself more effective. Jason Partney, Emerge 2013

Emerge made me laugh and cry… made me nervous and uncomfortable. It pushed me to my limits and I learned things about myself I never knew. Emerge then asked me to be even better. It taught me tools and skills to utilize along my leadership journey, and introduced me to people who will lead positive changes in our community. Thao Votang, Emerge 2013

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