Programs | Each of us can be a leader. Our programs help get you there.

Leadership Austin prepares us to be stewards of the Greater Austin community. Alumni and program participants have a strong commitment to community involvement, ensuring Austin continues to be one of the most livable and prosperous cities in Texas!

Leadership Austin asks that we each participate in addressing the needs of the community. Our programs prepare you to expand your civic responsibility and capacity for engagement through a focus on leadership skills development, inclusive dialogue about issues of the day, and forming collaborative relationships.

Explore Leadership Austin’s programming if:

  • You have a passion for our community.
  • You have an opinion, want to learn more, or want to engage in inclusive dialogue about community issues.
  • You want to connect and collaborate with others who seek to create a sustainable region.
  • You work for a business or are an entrepreneur who wants to keep the Austin economy strong.
  • You work as a nonprofit professional, member of government, or community volunteer.
  • You live in the East, West, South, or North side of Greater Austin.

Each person has the capacity to be a leader—our programs help get you there. Where you are in your civic engagement path dictates which program will provide you with the most value.