Special Letter from Christopher Kennedy

Special Letter from Christopher Kennedy

webChristopher_Kennedy-7995-edit-Tie-1If our diverse Leadership Austin network has one thing in common it is that we all want Austin to be the best version of itself. We support Leadership Austin because it develops thoughtful leaders who will in turn thoughtfully nurture our city. We know that a city with well-informed, engaged, connected individuals working across sectors will not just survive but thrive.

Supporting these efforts is critical. Within the next week, Leadership Austin alumni will receive an annual giving letter, along with our 2015 Report to the Community, which is full of financial data and program statistics gathered from the last several years. We hope you will read both with care.

A few important things worth highlighting: Leadership Austin is no longer a membership organization. In 2013 we eliminated the dues paying membership model, which means we now ask our network to make charitable contributions based on their individual capacity as investment in the growth, engagement and sustainability of our community.

As shown in the report, Leadership Austin continues to build a diverse network of leaders across many areas. We like to say we got single member districts before they were cool by having participants engage from all parts of our city, from a wide range of industry sectors, socioeconomic backgrounds, ethnicities and ages. We serve as a collaborative force by supporting community initiatives such as the 10-1 Imagine Series, Candidate Forums and Conversation Corps. When we see a community need, we step up and do our part.

Your involvement in Leadership Austin has made a tremendous difference to our city and we appreciate the energy and expertise you share. We ask that you consider a financial gift. Only through your support can we continue to build great leaders, and in turn, a great Austin.







Christopher Kennedy
Chief Executive Officer