Engage On The Go

We are expanding our Engage series by taking the content from each breakfast and providing a free ‘on the go’ version. We want to spur community conversations on a schedule and location convenient for each person. As the research shows, the more we share and build relationships with each other — the more we grow our civic engagement capacity.

Each month we will produce a short video summary of the breakfast topic and it will be posted below. We ask you to explore opportunities to have a conversation about the topic where ever you already gather; a brown bag lunch with co-workers, neighborhood homeowners meeting, book clubs, car pools, school parents club or even just the dinner table.  Be creative — the goal is to open a conversation and hear each other’s perspectives.

We encourage anyone to lead this effort and created an optional facilitation kit as a tool to guide the dialogue.  We also offer free training if someone would like to expand their skills in leading community dialogue.  Join in helping increase dialogue around community topics.

Leadership Austin values dialogue.


I had the opportunity at a recent conference to share about the work we’ve been doing through Conversation Corps and hear about other innovative approaches to community engagement. I walked away even more confident then when I arrived that dialogue truly transforms us. It connects us with others, it fosters empathy and compassion for people who think differently than we do, it changes the way we see ourselves and one another, and it fundamentally enhances the ability of a community to solve problems. Julie Smith, Program Manager