Annual Giving Acknowledgement

A special thank you to all the Leadership Austin Alumni who supported the 2016-2017 Annual Giving Campaign. Funds raised are used for scholarships for both Essential and Emerge class members, program expansion and alumni events. Thank you for helping us Ignite Passion.

Francisco Albornoz, Emerge 2014

Guner Arslan, Board Member

Shilpa Bakre, Essential 2016, Board Member

Laurenn Barker, Essential 1987

Frances Bennett*, Leadership Austin Friend

Cecilia Blanford, Essential 1998

Cathy Brandewie, Essential 2004

Becky Bray, Essential 2008

Kelly Breeden, Essential 2013

Kevin Brown, Essential 2013

Dan Bullock, Essential 1980

Colette Pierce Burnette, Board Member

Amber Carden*, Essential 2009, Board Member

Jake Carter, Emerge 2016

Stan Casey, Essential 2004

Gerardo Castillo, Essential 2013, Board Member

Monica Chartier, Emerge  2014

Tom Coopwood, Essential 2009

Priscilla Guajardo Cortez,Emerge 2007, Essential 2009, Board Member

Rene Craft, Essential 1995

Mark Curry, Essential 2000

Susan Dawson, Essential 1992

Bob DeWitt, Essential 2016

Alicia Dietrich, Emerge 2014

Leslie Dippel, Essential 2006

Brian Dolezal, Essential 2001, Board Member

Laura Duggan, Essential 1990

Chris Elliott, Essential 2014

David Escamilla, Essential 2002

Trevor Evenson, Emerge 2016

Aimee Finney, Essential 2013, Board Member

Julie Fisher, Emerge 2014

Matt Friedlander, Essential 2011

Douglas Gibbins, Essential 2002

Rebecca Gonzales, Essential 2014, Board Member

Ann Graham, Essential 1994

Decker Graham, Emerge 2016

Jeff Hahn, Essential 2002

Jordan Hefton, Emerge 2013

Paul Hudson, Essential 2003

Gerardo Interiano, Essential 2015

Debbie Johnson*, Essential Affiliate Member, Board Member

Stacey Kaleh, Emerge 2014

Christopher Kennedy*, Essential 1995, CEO

Ali Khataw*, Essential 2009, Board Chair

Nahid Khataw, Essential 2010

Laura La Fuente, Essential 2016

Liz Link, Emerge 2014

Laurie Loew*, Essential 2012

Charles Lu, Emerge 2014

Brent Lyles, Essential 2011, Board Member

Sly Majid, Board Member

Josh McAdams, Emerge 2014

Heather McClellan, Essential 2015, Emerge 2009

Heather McKissick, Essential 1998

Mike Meroney, Essential 2004, Board Member

Melissa Morrow, Essential 2001

Billy Moyer, Emerge 2015

Bill Mullane, Essential 1990

Peter Mullan, Board Member

Douglas Newton, Essential 1996

Kelly Nichols*, Essential 2016

Dave Perez, Emerge 2011

Jeannette Peten, Essential 2002, Board Member

Ruth Powers, Essential 1999

James A Prentice, Essential 1982

Mellie Price*, Essential 2015

Lewis Rhoden, Essential 2013

Shuronda Robinson, Essential 2002, Board Member

Marianne Rochelle, Essential 1992

Artemio San Martin, Essential 2011, Board Member

Greg Sapire, Essential 2008

Nicole Sarkar, Emerge 2009

Brian Schoenbaum, Essential 2016

Kathryn Scoblick, Essential 2015

Khotan Shahbazi-Harmon, Essential 2015, Board Member

Lynda Shanblum, Essential 1996

Ted Siff, Essential 1999

Barry Silverberg, Essential 2000

Julie Smith, Emerge 2011

Natalie Smith, Emerge 2015

Anthony Snipes, Essential 2012

Erica Solis, Emerge 2009

Ann Stafford, Essential 2005

Jason Stoneberg, Essential

Missy Strittmatter, Essential 2015

Eric Thompson*, Essential 1997

Lee Thomson, Essential 1983

Sandi Tomlinson, Essential 1990

Paul Trahan, Essential 2008, Board Member

Jeff Trigger, Essential 2003

Heather Venard, Emerge 2016

Jeff Vice, Essential 2006

Greg Vincent, Board Member

Jessica Weaver*, Essential 2015, Board Member

Matt Williamson, Essential 2009

Bob Wynn, Essential 1995

Michael Wyszkowski, Essential 2012



* Denotes a member of the Leadership Austin Giving Society.

Donations received from July 1, 2016 to December 31, 2016 applied to the 2016-17 Campaign.