Becoming a Leadership Austin Affiliate: Advice from Debbie Johnson, Board Chair-Elect

Becoming a Leadership Austin Affiliate: Advice from Debbie Johnson, Board Chair-Elect

Leadership Austin is pleased to invite graduates of community-based leadership programs in other cities to join Leadership Austin as an Affiliate member. Affiliates are considered alumni and are encouraged to develop relationships with other members of the Leadership Austin family, to participate in programs and events and to enjoy the same benefits and opportunities as all Leadership Austin alumni.

We recently asked our President-Elect, Debbie Johnson, a Leadership Austin Affiliate why she got involved. Debbie had attended Leadership Cincinnati, but after moving to Austin, became a Leadership Austin Affiliate in 2007.

Why did you join Leadership Austin?

One of the very first things I did after moving to Austin was get in touch with Leadership Austin to see how I could get involved.

I had gone through Leadership Cincinnati and stayed involved in their committees and on their board of directors. It was the single best thing I have done professionally so I wanted to see if I could continue the great experience in Austin.

Not surprisingly, Leadership Austin welcomed me with open arms. Besides participating in several events and on the alumni committee, I also served on the board for several years as treasurer and secretary. I have been asked to lead the board as president in 2015 and am looking forward to this great opportunity.

What are the benefits for joining?

Getting involved was a perfect way to kick start building my new Austin network of relationships with business leaders and community lovers. There are also several events such as Meet the Leader and the holiday party that are special benefits reserved only for alumni. Most of all, joining Leadership Austin has helped me become engaged in the new community I call home.

If you went through a leadership program in another city, come join us!

Benefits of being a Leadership Austin Affiliate include:
• Access to the online alumni directory
• Exclusive invitations to Alumni Association events, including the Holiday Party and Meet the Leader
• Opportunity to serve on Leadership Austin committees and provide direct input into programming
• Exclusive invitation to audit Essential Class days

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